Writing Prompt: Music

“Music is the universal language of mankind” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

There has always been music. It came before pop charts, screaming fans and world tours. Before the Fifth Symphony, the Raindrop Prelude and Eine kleine Nachtmusic. Before we became a civilized and materialistic species. Music may not always have been in the same way with the kvint circle and the mathematic rules we think a piece must follow to be categorized as music. Maybe it was just a few rhythmic taps with two stones. A woman humming a short melody gathering berries. Even before language, I think music was. Therefore, music is the universal language of mankind.


Personal Response

There is no doubt that English is the dominating language of the world. Scientific papers are almost only written in English and even though it is number three on the list with number of native speakers in the world, it is the only one in top five that is making progress. Furthermore, it is the second largest language measured on total number of speakers.
It is not hard to find an expert willing to say anything. Or at least, to manipulate his quotes. Experts have their own opinions, that is what they get paid for, so they all have different point of views. It is not hard to find one agreeing with the statement saying that “English may never be dethroned as the king of languages.” There are also experts saying the opposite: Chinese may become the language of the future. It is the top language on both the list with native speakers and total number of speakers.
In conclusion, the first part of the statement sounds logical. It is hard to find someone who does not agree with English being the dominant language in the world. The argument used, that “some linguists now say” is not valid. There is an expert backing up every statement.

Back Off, and Children Learn More

Parents are so obsessed with monitoring their children that they forget to actually be with them. In this article, a developmental pshycologist argues that children are so natural at learning that the parents should loosen up and let them do their thing.

Better be a gardener than a carpenter, she argues. It is better to cultivate a nurturing space for the flowers to grow than trying to shape the raw material into a finished product when raising kids.